Also employment assistance, cultural market, composting, and more...
Graffiti removal, COVID vaccine, property tax deferment, BUSD update
Budget review, housing rights, waste reduction, COVID vaccines, and Drag Queens!
Also summer events, commission vacancies, COVID home tests, and more
Also coffee with first responders, prescription take back day, Memorial Day ceremony, commission vacancy, Burbank Arts Festival, and more
also, info on the Burbank Rose Parade float viewing
Also Library Book Sale, Juneteenth Jubilee, community theatre, cultural market, and more...
also composting law updates, homeless count, commission vacancies, and more
Thursday Burbank 411 // A few more items that didn’t make it into the Tuesday newsletter In this newsletter addendum: “Go There” Community Theatre event…
Also 3 commission vacancies, bus fare update, mortgage relief, single family housing, and more
Not, April 30th. Which, would make more sense, right? :)
Rose Float, Homeless housing, Black voices in art, Youth Art Expo, Library Board vacancy, Tin Horn Flats hearing, COVID vaccine